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The Vivie's : Rock in Menton.

Vivie's are a Pop/Rock, composed of four musicians, Alpes-Maritimes, which was established in 2008.

They include : Virginia Brin (Lyrics and vocals), Pierre Leca (Music and Guitar), Gregory Brin (Bass) Inaschwili Jerome (drums).
The group was formed in large part thanks to the Internet. Virginia sought a guitarist to appear in acoustic duo. She ends up meeting Pierre on the canvas. Both s "accordèrent" immediately. The lives began sequentially in the town of Menton. One evening, Virginia proposed to two of his friends, present in the public to join them on stage. And there, with perfect harmony! This was a great concert that lasted over three hours! More question or stop to quit: the Vivie's were born!
For many months they have appeared everywhere; all First, in Menton, then, throughout our region : the Maritime Alps. They also participated in many festivals, such as "The Feast of Lemons" "The Friday sun," and many others, still .
At each performance, they share their talents with the public. He reigns and during a concert atmosphere full of joy and good humor.
2010, is marking a milestone for Vivie's, because it is the year, they choose for us present their new and first CD "A Scream".
A four titles, they are proud to have achieved A to Z and is the result of many work. This CD is the realization of a personal pleasure, but also the means to make known outside the borders of the department. And, perhaps, will he a springboard that will enable them to shine through, in the world of music.
You can get this very good CD, the price of 5 euros to Sa'vane Coffee Avenue Aristide Briant to Carnolès (next to St Joseph's Institution), but also Tchouch Club Rue Victor Hugo in Menton, Roquebrune Cap Store Vidéo6 Martin.
You can also purchase this CD by request by email :
You can find more information about this training Mentonnaise Rock on their website : vivie's site
Also available for sale online : Le CD des Vivies

Listen to the track promotional album : A cry.

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