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The Photo and Video Portal cultural events, Sports, for Menton Artistic and country chin.
Discover the Events Images of Menton and the country's Mentonnais. Discover the Menton Traders and Creative Artisans.
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Artisan Creator ceramist
Raphaël Santonnier
Raphael's santon are naive style reminiscent of the beginning of time, are shaped by hand and decorated with gouache
The Ceramics Mentonnaises
The Ceramics Mentonnaises
The Ceramics Mentonnaises were created in 1896 by Eugene Perret-Gentil. At that time Menton was a mecca for ceramics.
Fresque of Josiane Hussard Molina
Fresquiste and Trompe l'Oeil
Student-Plastic Arts of St. Raphael and Art Deco Nice, Josiane Hussard Molina offers its customers more Benefits.
Ebenisterie Thierry Jacques
Ebenisterie Art
The rehabilitation of the furniture that have through the ages is a tricky task requiring patience, skill and love of beautiful things.
knife of Menton
Forgeron Coutelier
A piece of steel out of the industry, or ripped off and diverted from its usual way, it model the matter. In its Forge in Menton.
Painter Catherine Helene
Painter Catherine Helene
I studied art at the Ecole Superieure des Arts Appliques, Industry of Paris, which allowed me to become an Interior Designer. I started painting very young.
Cosmétique bio de Menton
Cosmetics Bio Magic of Nature
The company Nathalie is a Margheria Artisanale and Family, based in Menton in the Alpes Maritimes (06), France
Painter Alain Demarte
Painter Alain Demarte
The chromatic scale he preferred is the warm tones and colors of Provence. Transitions from its hues are delicate but sometimes brutal as can be "his country" : Provence.
Jewelry J.P.Pilloix
Jeweler Creator
Located in the heart of the pedestrian zone, at No. 9, rue Saint-Michel in Menton, the shop "the craft workshop", Jean-Pierre Pilloix.
Painter Saïd Berkane
Painter Saïd Berkane
Trained at the School of Applied Arts in Nice (France) in ARTDEC painting, Berkane Said to realize sets tailored to your interior.
Zinc decoration in Menton
Zinc Decoration
her passion for decoration zinc began 5 years ago, in his workshop in Roquebrune Cap Martin, near Menton (06500) in France.
Artisan creator modelisme naval
Modelisme Naval Workshop 54
The main activities are the creation, exhibition of scale models of wooden boats eighteenth and nineteenth century from different countries.
Painter and Creating Mirror Sophie Varlet
Painter Sophie Varlet
Designer for 5 years in the world of decoration, Sophie Varlet created objects, furniture, fabrics, creating the layout in many shops and hotels .