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The Photo and Video Portal cultural events, Sports, for Menton Artistic and country chin.
Discover the Events Images of Menton and the country's Mentonnais. Discover the Menton Traders and Creative Artisans.
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59th classical music festival in Menton
Classical Music Festival
With Music Festival, Menton is positioned on the stage of National and International Music Events. For three weeks, from late July to mid-August.
Jacques Dufrenoy exposure in gardens Serre de la Madone
Expo J.Dufrenoy Photographer
Jacques Dufrenoy : To paraphrase an advertising slogan "taking photographs is good, the show is better.".
Shipwreck Treasures Exhibition in Menton
Shipwreck Treasures Exhibition
Under the High Patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco, Menton town offers the public to discover through this exhibition.
The vineyard Mentonnais
Vineyard Mentonnais
Born in 1988, the Brotherhood of Etiquette chin in collaboration with the Society of Art and History of Menton (SAHM) ensure the continuation of the tradition.
Exhibition PhotoMenton
Exhibition PhotoMenton
For this fourth edition PhotoMenton organizers have once again climb a echelon: to gather in one place more than eighty photographers.
Exhibition of the Painter : Yves Bosio
Exhibition Yves Bosio
is the Contemporary Art Gallery located on the ground floor of the Palais de l'Europe welcomes the Work of the Artist Yves Bosio.
Heritage Days at the Palais Carnoles
Heritage Days at the Palais Carnoles
Former Palace of the Prince of Monaco, the palace now houses a museum Carnoles and a collection.
Crafts shops from 1860 to 1960
Shops and Crafts Menton from 1860 to 1960
is at the Palace of Europe that this street market from the beginning of the century has made its neighborhoods.
Ernest Louis Lessieux Exhibition at the Palais Carnoles
Ernest Louis Lessieux Exhibition
Organized in collaboration with the S.A.H.M. (Society for Art and History of Menton) this exhibition makes us rediscover Menton.
Michel Eisenlohr Exhibition at the Palais Carnoles
On the other Palace
Author professional photographer Michel Eisenlohr was born in 1974 in La Ciotat. This work on the Palais Longchamps in Marseille .
76th Lemon Festival
Lemon Festival : Gardens Bioves
The city of Menton opportunities this offers a multitude of festivities: Corso day, night, fireworks, concerts, an exhibition of local handicrafts.
Old Town of Menton
Menton and its region
According to legend, Eve expelled from paradise, with Adam, won gold fruit. Adam, fearing the wrath of God, wanted qu'Eve jetât this fruit.
Laying the foundation stone of the Museum Cocteau
Cocteau Museum Collection Severin Wunderman
As twenty nine in December 2008, the mayor of Menton, Mr Guibal, laying the foundation stone of a project that will.
Menton exposes Terechkovitch Constantin
Exhibition Terechkovitch
The Contemporary art gallery of the Palais de l'Europe presents the works, watercolors and lithographs of Constantine Terechkovitch (1902-1978).
The Stamp of Menton
The Stamp of Menton
Menton stamp will be officially launched on Saturday 21 February, in the presence of Jean-Claude Guibal, Mayor of Menton.
Menton exposes Molas: an Art Kuna
Tables Kuna : an American Art
Michel Perrin, a former physicist, now ethnologist and anthropologist, following a meeting Claude Levi-Strauss is the curator of this exhibition
Artwork Modern Art exhibition in Menton
Exhibition of Works of Art Moderne
Carnoles Palace is, as often the heart of the cultural movement of Menton. This exhibition of fifty works.
Menton exposes Arlette Somazzi
Exhibition Arlette Somazzi : Busts and Masks
Original Bruges, Arlette Somazzi sculptor left his mark in various artistic venues in the city of Menton.
Photo Exhibition by Patrick Varotto
Photo Exhibition by Patrick Varotto
The Credit Mutuel of Menton celebrates its 30th anniversary in style To mark this anniversary.