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Menton seen by the 9.4 : Very nice surprise !

N.O.C.I.F alias Fabian Kabina Tire2Late group created in 2005 in Val de Marne (94).
Then it created the first MySpace in order to expose five different sounds that were created during the Mix Tape 2007.
2009 : Creation of Street Tape 2009 with 20 tracks from Hip Hop to Reggae and in the process, redesigning a new Myspace with the collective : lin'c, max.imus, tea, and of course Fabien Kabina.
Myspace to Facebook via Youtube, Dailymotion and Skyrock Tire2Late be made known on the canvas, no wolves: slowly but surely.
Tire2Late group consists of :
Lin'c : Artist Singer.
T.H.E : DJ and composer of the group of some prod. of HARMFUL.
Max.imus : Sales Marketing Manager.
N.O.C.I.F : Author Composer Performer: Vocals, Human Beat Box, Hip Hop, Reggea, Ragga Rap Underground.
At the end of 2009 that this group puts his suitcases in Menton to save this clip : "Tire2Late" Announcing the preparation of the first mixtape in 2010 realized Alien Studio 94.
More info : Tire2Late Prod via YouTube