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Discover the Events Images of Menton and the country's Mentonnais. Discover the Menton Traders and Creative Artisans.
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Video report on the exhibition: a century of watercolor 1830-1930 :

That Gallery of Contemporary Art of the Palais de l'Europe in Menton that are not exposed less than thirty painters: Costa, Comba, Lessieux, Harpignies, Mossa, Richard and others.

These landscape marked their brushes the beauty still beautiful, that some call Eden Menton and Country Mentonnais.
The collectors of the time with them and their heirs we offer to share the vision and through it, the story of artists out of the ordinary for that Menton, was a stopover in their hectic life of art and travel. Stop choice if it is, port and destination for others who decided to settle there.
Thanks to his devotees at the top of their art, we are rediscovering Menton, its edges Sea crude natural, campaigns mingling colors and poems, his love of shepherds bearing fruit, its fishermen, its traders. A short little people, a lifetime impression of serenity, gentle and natural.
Thank you for collectors to share with the public these precious treasures, testimony of a century History of Menton and Menton, testimony of a time past, that beauty has ties a haven eternal.