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National Edition Stamp Menton :

Menton stamp will be officially launched on Saturday 21 February, in the presence of Jean-Claude Guibal, Mayor of Menton, Françoise Esling, Director of Philaposte

and Caujolle Nicolas, Director of Teacher's Post of the Alpes-Maritimes.
Presented the first national to Menton, the stamp issued by La Poste will be on sale from Monday March 2 in France. During the weekend of 21 and 22 February, the City of Menton, the Philatelic Association of Menton and cartophile and La Poste will celebrate the first stamp on the "Pearl of France" : Menton.

Value: 0.56 €.
Series: Tourism.
Creator and Writer: Eve Luquet photo from City of Menton.
Printed in intaglio.
Color: Polychrome.
Format: 25*36, comprises serrations 30*40, 48 stamps per sheet.
Circulation: 2 650 000 Ex.
Domestic for sale: 2 March 2009.

A Brief History of the Old City :

It has not changed since the early twentieth century and we find it as it existed at that time "massaged on the promontory of the Colle which is the extension of the Mount Bold and the crest of Castellar the whole of the houses form a compact mass which roofs seem to reach and cover.
Single flight of this compact, the majestic tower of the Basilica of St Michel.
The old town was formerly walled enclosure and are accessed by several doors but only two remain today. Until 1908, the sea was hitting the rocks where the houses were built lower. Mountain side, all is against blots Castle John II, who met during the century many vicissitudes.
In 1807, the town bought for 48Fr. the ruins of the castles and location to create the cemetery. The demolition took place until 1875 and the cemetery will gradually look it has today. It is called Chateau Cemetery.
At the heart of this city is l'Eglise St Michel. Magnificent baroque building, it was built on the order of Honoré II, Prince of Monaco on the site of a smaller church. The laying of the cornerstone took place on 27 May 1619, in the presence of Archbishop Spinola, Bishop of Ventimiglia.
Construction lasted from 1619 to 1646, and the church was opened for worship in 1653. Its bell tower, the famous "Campanin" so dear to Mentonnais was erected in 1701.
The earthquake of February 1887 severely damaged the building. We had to rebuild the collapsed roof of the choir, that of the nave which was slightly cracked and the roof above them. It also had to repair the facade and the ground above the main tower. The church was made to worship at the end of 1889. Front of the building, the place leaves a spectacular mosaic floor, or climbing, and white pebbles gray.
On the left side of the Church of St. Michael and elevated relative to this is the place of conception and the church of the same name. Built in 1667, it is the seat of the Confraternity of Penitents Blancs.
The church of St Michel endowed by His Holiness John Paul II of a special dignity, became, in 1999, the Basilica of St Michel.

The Stamp of Menton
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