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Discover the Events Images of Menton and the country's Mentonnais. Discover the Menton Traders and Creative Artisans.
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Photo Exhibition of Works of Art Moderne at the Palais Carnoles :

Carnoles Palace is, as often the heart of the cultural movement of Menton. This exhibition of fifty works High quality is there to remember.

Founded in 1951, the Biennale de Menton painting quickly became "the meeting of what is alive in contemporary art." They are participants and winners of the biennial who donated to the city of Menton some of their works. What are they found today in this exhibition: Legacy of a cultural past-oriented painting.
Zendel Gabriel, Jean Jacques Deyrolle, Albert Gleizes, Andrej Jemec, Serge Poliakoff, Emile Marze, Jean Cassarini . many artists and many works, testimony to a cultural heritage that Menton is useful to put in the spotlight.

Artwork Modern Art exhibition in Menton
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