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Museum Jean Cocteau Severin Wunderman Collection :

As twenty nine in December 2008, the mayor of Menton, Mr Guibal, laying the foundation stone of a project that will open its doors in three years : Jean Cocteau Museum Collection Severin Wunderman.

Under the direction of the architect Rudy Ricciotti, Menton is to be built in the early years of the foundations for a future museum dedicated to Menton as the largest public works of the poet in the world.
Menton Jean Cocteau and a love story that was born in 1950. Cocteau residing in Menton, to attend the Festival Classical Music or to visit and inaugurate the International Painting Biennial.
While Cocteau end sets for the chapel of the port of Villefranche / Wednesday, Mr Palmero, mayor of Menton, asked him to decorate the room Marriages of the Hotel de Ville. then he made two frescoes. The first meet the wishes of Mr Mayor will be painted on the wall of the room marriages and the second: Orpheus in the Old Town of Menton, adorn the wall of the office of mayor.
In gratitude for the decoration of the room marriages Francis Palmero offers Jean Cocteau, as an honorary citizen of the city, the Bastion.
The Bastion, Fortin seventeenth century inked on the dike of the old port of Menton, a place that Cocteau had discovered and loved seeing him small museum. It restores itself and realizes the facade and the ground calades (pebble mosaic). It oversees the disposal of its "Innamorati" and several other works. Its small museum opens its doors in 1966, three years after the death of the artist.
With this new museum Menton does not replace the Bastion. The museum will complement ensuring the top of a triangle Culturo Cocteau which is based on the City Hall and the Bastion.
Collector of Jean Cocteau, but also other artists such as Sarah Bernhardt, Modigliani, De Chirico, Miro, Fougita . Severin Wunderman started his collection with a drawing by Jean Cocteau on "enfants terribles" and representative Jean Marais. A big part of his salary apprentice watchmaker "spent", but the favorite is stronger, and the passion starts . Passion leading to Séverin Wunderman founded in 1985, Irvine, California, a museum dedicated to the work of Cocteau and his artist friends. But Séverin feeds plan to return to France a large Part of his collection. It will be some twenty years later.
Under the spell of Menton and its past that links the city to the artist, and after several meetings with Mr Guibal, Severin Wunderman accepts donation to the 1763 collection of his works and the city, against party undertakes to build a museum to accommodate them: Museum Jean Cocteau Collection Severin Wunderman was born.
Severin Wunderman, generous donor, died in June 2008.

The photo gallery will follow the progress of work.

The sub-prefect of the Alpes Maritimes, Mrs Bedi, Mr Guibal Deputy Mayor, Mrs. Giudicelli Vice President of the General Council of 06.
Severin Wunderman in the background.

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