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Exhibition Constantin (Kostia) Terechkovitch :

The Contemporary art gallery of the Palais de l'Europe presents the works, watercolors and lithographs of Constantine Terechkovitch (1902-1978).

Constantine, or Kostia, Terechkovitch is a French painter of Russian origin born on 1 May 1902 in the outskirts of Moscow and died on 12 June 1978 Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, Alpes Maritimes.
The themes of Kostia Terechkovitch are mainly his family and his two daughters, landscapes, nature, horse racing and equestrian scenes. He paints with grace, sweetness and light, part of these painters poets.
This exhibition brings together his favorite themes, and one can also admire the works for the city of Lemon: Displays of Menton, the Lemon Festival, Festival of Classical Music .
With Constantine Terechkovitch, Russian Culture and Menton is a very beautiful duet. And with the Russian church and the association-Menton Sochi, the Slavic soul which brings us sun.

Menton expose Constantin Terechkovitch
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