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On the other Palace : Exhibition Michel Eisenlohr, Photographer

Author professional photographer Michel Eisenlohr was born in La Ciotat in 1974.

This work on the Palais Longchamp, historical monument in 1999 was made over a period of two years from 2005 to 2007.
In this series of photographs is as much the imposing building of the Second Empire, that behind the scenes the photographer wanted to highlight. So we can throw a curious look on Reserve Museum of Natural History and stuffed animals, this dilapidated staircase to access the roof of the palace, or the reorganization of places for a new exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts.
Over the seasons, he has captured the lights and shadows of a rich architectural details, ornaments, allegories .
This work in black and white offers a new dimension to the three entities which constitutes the "Palais Longchamp" the water tower, built to commemorate the arrival in Marseille waters of the Durance, Museum of Fine Arts since 1869 that is installed in the left wing of the palace. It exhibits paintings, sculptures, drawings from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century, and the Natural History Museum of Marseilles which occupies the right wing of the Palace since 1869.
This set is "planted" in the middle of two gardens: the Botanical Garden, which is at the same level as the Palace and Zoo located him, against there.
This exhibition, a palace at the other wants to be a link between two major monuments in leus cited: The Palais Longchamp Marseille and its million inhabitants and Palais Carnoles Menton Menton and thirty miles.
Museum Museum, Palace to Palace, mingle images, styles complement each other without confusion. Water the garden of historical memory Carnoles, small old Versailles, park, sculpture, museums, architecture .
Whole family communicates and responds in a whisper cultural, the photographer Michel Eisenlhor door gently in our ears, paradox of the image.