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Born in 1988, the Brotherhood of Etiquette chin in collaboration with the Society of Art and History of Menton (SAHM) ensure the continuation of the tradition in the wine country chin.

On the hill separating the two main valleys of Menton, the Carei and Borrigo, stands the monastery of Annociade where for centuries the monks cultivated grapes and wine. But different episodes in history have been Because of this culture that was abandoned in the late nineteenth century.
In the early 1990s, the Brotherhood after receiving the agreement of the monks of the Annunciation, is then to revive the vineyard of the Annunciation: 7 boards oriented Carei Valley Wednesday and Labor, reconstruction soutainement walls, terraces and planting of various varieties: Grenache, Mourvedre, Cinsault, Syrah, malunvern.
First harvest in 1996 with 70 kilos harvested is little, but it is a start. In 2001, stroke of fate, leafhoppers ravage the harvest: no harvest. But it takes more to kill our band passionate. "A record harvest in 2004 is here to testify: 550 kilograms harvested and 350 liters of wine (press + drop).
Each year, in parallel with its business Annunciation, the Brotherhood of Etiquette with organize SAHM wine competitions. Those set to honor the various producers of Menton: Sospel, Breil sur Roya, Castillon, Castellar, Roquebrune Cap Martin, Saint Agnes
A partnership with the College Vento allows the Brotherhood to pass on his passion to young people by organizing field trips but also a drawing competition. The winner of the contest saw his work used to develop the label of the current vintage.
This transmission of passion and knowledge ensures durability Heritage, for the moment
All menbres of the Brotherhood are volunteers and all volunteers are welcome.

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