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Nathalie Margheria, Artisan Organic Cosmetics Creator :

Nathalie Margheria, Artisan Designer Menton reveals the secrets of his trade through 3 tutorials that will perhaps be born of vocations :

Nourishing Mask sanitation for Hair :

huile d'olive melange cosmetique nourrissant cheveux cosmetique pour cheveux fond du décor amande et camomille apaisant pour les yeux cosmetique pour les yeux 1ère cuisson baume à lèvre baume à l'orange cosmetique bio huile essentielle baume artisanal

1 part olive oil
1 part Honey
1 share of hydrolats Romarin
Mix the three ingredients in a bottle, the order does not matter.
The phases are not miscible agitation is therefore essential.
Shake vigorously before use. Apply mask on hair for 10 minutes, rinse and a mild shampoo.

Rinse Soothing Eye :

10 mL of hydrolats Chamomile
10 ml sweet almond oil
Place both ingredients in a bottle. The two phases are distinct.
Shake before applying energy with a clean cotton.

Lip Balm in Orange :

1 teaspoon beeswax
1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil
½ teaspoon honey
4 drops of essential oil of Orange
Melt the wax in the oil bath, then remove from heat.
Add ½ teaspoon of honey.
Add 4 drops of essential oil of Orange.
Empty into a small pot. Cool. The balm is prepared to protect your lips.

The marketing of cosmetics :

The sale of cosmetic products is highly regulated in France. It can be achieved by competent persons. Each producer must be declared to the authorities and to submit to checks to see if it complies with all directives terms of production, hygiene, monitoring and quality.
Each product must be reported to the 3 poison centers in Paris, Marseille and Lyon, and their composition must be approved by a qualified toxicologist. Product labeling is also framed, with several Imprint like allergens, expiry dates, address Manufacturer etc .
You will find on the site Nat'Alchimie a range of organic products of outstanding quality, for greater respect for all parts of your body.
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