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Raphael Navoret, Ceramist santon Art :

Raphael Navoret, Artisans Creator Menton reveals the underside of his work through a tutorial that will perhaps be born of vocations:

modeling santons shuttering of santons mold santons embossing santons demolding of santons ebardage of santons accessory for santons drying santons smoothing santons cooking santons paint santons
Production of an original model :
With the help of various small tools: scalpel, sewing pin, wooden pic. santon the draft model and sculpts the character he imagined that he serve as a model for the realization of the plaster mold.
Formwork :
The santon realizes encased in wood above the santons. It arises in the form a bed of clay, then inserts santons in half. Poured the liquid plaster to cover it completely. The hardened with plaster, you get the first part of the mold: the face. We start the operation for molding the other side of the santons.
The mold :
Santon The result is a mold in two parts: the front and the back. The mold has a lifespan of about 1 to 2 years.
The stamping or casting santons :
the santon applies a colombin clay at the pile from the mold, then it brings together the heads and tails and produces a strong pressure to penetrate the clay in the hollow. Thus we can capture every detail of the mold.
Demoulding :
santons the mold is removed with an iron spade. This pic will create also a fireplace. This chimney is very important because it facilitates evaporation and will also allow any air bubbles, to find a way out while cooking and avoid the explosion of santons.
The ebardage :
Once the santons unmoulded, the artisan, using a knife to remove the excess clay with great care to do by endomager details.
Finishes :
After ebarde model, santon add some details, and various accessories (basket handles, cane .).
Drying :
The santons is put to dry slowly in the open air for a fortnight. during this operation, the santons become smaller 10 to 12%. It must therefore be attention at the outset to provide 10 to 12% more on various measures of santons.
Smoothing :
once dry santons is smoothed through a small sponge to remove dust and other small surpluses clay.
Cooking :
santons well placed in the oven, which is mounted for 10 hours at a temperature of 1000. Then the kiln remains closed until refroidisement conplet ie one day.
Setting color :
painting is the longest stage. The santons is painted in gouache. This is traditional painting of the profession of santon. This one is aplique color by color
The Santon is finally done. It awaits you 13 rue de la conception, next to the Basilica of St Michel in Menton. Raphael Navoret will be pleased to welcome you.
©2013 Creation
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