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Saïd Berkane, Painter

Saïd Berkane reveals the secrets of his art: painting. It reveals especially pastel, through a tutorial that will, may be born of vocations:

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Realization of a pastel portrait from model living :
The artist, BERKANE Said, conducts "on the fly" a portrait from model alive. He chose to adopt the model a relaxed and harmonious whole leaving apparent sensuality of the subject. To do this, it outlines the overall shape in red paper on a cream background color, size 50 x 70 cm.
The drawing began :
The artist works standing about 3 meters of the model. He begin his outline, estimated the height and location of drawing in the format of its leaves. At this stage of work, it outlines the overall shape but does not go into detail. The feature is still rough. This is a both large masses located a more accurate start.

Once obtained the proper proportions, the design of precision begins. The shape and lines are becoming more redundant features are removed. It is not helpful at this stage of labor significantly refine the design to get a perfect likeness because the use of pastel and its variations tonales who sculpted the work. The first step of drawing the blood ends.
The artist has an assortment of dry and soft pastels, although for the realization of his work, it will use a number that corresponds to the chromatic aspects of it. It is essential to do justice to this technique as the preferred pastel, to provide some clarification. The technique of pastel endorsed both the drawing than for painting. Indeed, the pastel can trace linear features as those obtained by using pencils, but it also fades, gradients opaque reminiscent of the effects of oil painting. Worked together, the pastel is considered as painting technique in its own thanks to its rich colors, blur effects, its gradients and blends tones.
The second stage begins :
the artist sets the tone of the first carnation. He uses it for 3 tonal values of the same color (light, medium, dark). In this way, it begins to separate the shadows and lights without regard to the time of the modeling.
It discusses the merits in order to highlight the subject and incorporate it decorated. The work at this stage but still comprehensive can already identify the entire composition.
The artist poses the first keys representing the blue bathrobe. Until now, he used the tones in the range of "earth colors." The use of the blue results in a chromatic contrast with the first color raised.
From the land of shadows, of sepia and yellow ocher were asked to include the hair. At this stage, the artist increases the contrasts of the topic. The first melted (or modeled) beginning to be worked by adding touches of color (sienna, Burnt Sienna, Sepia) finger sometimes blurred, sometimes blurs the fine for small areas.
Some details are worked with pencils-pastels including the hands, face and other body parts so that, for these small keys accurate to point out the forms.
The principle is the same. The work is done by hand. The sofa is suggested by major keys to it remains an element of décor and leaves its place to the character.
Gradually, the artist has progressed through successive keys, sometimes in detail, sometimes by large flat colors. In the photograph above, against, we note the texture of the drapery of the robe and plastic of the subject have emerged gradually.
The work ends. The artist poses highlights of light to create impacts particularly in light of the leg, foot (see photograph against this) but also of the neck, hands, face . As shown in the bottom left of the photograph, a piece of paper the same color that the media was used to test color throughout the work.
The artist signed his work.
The work is completed.
This beautiful pastel and many more are available every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month in Artisans Market, Place du Cap at the foot of the Old Town of Menton or on the website :
Said Berkane
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