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The Photo and Video Portal cultural events, Sports, for Menton Artistic and country chin.
Discover the Events Images of Menton and the country's Mentonnais. Discover the Menton Traders and Creative Artisans.
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The Artisans Menton Builders share with you their expertise. Click on a picture to discover their secrets and Production :

how to make a santons
How To make santon
With the help of various small tools: scalpel, sewing pin, wooden pic. santon the draft model and sculpts the character he imagined that he.
how to make a table
How to make painting
Realization of a pastel portrait from model living : The artist, BERKANE Said, conducts "on the fly" a portrait from model alive.
How to make cosmetics
Nathalie Margheria, Artisan Designer Menton reveals the secrets of his trade through 3 tutorials that will perhaps be born of vocations.
how to of faience
How of Earthenware
Through these steps we are going to manufacture a plate :Here we see a sheet of dough waiting earthenware and two pieces.
How to make a knife
The proper tools of the blacksmith : hammer, anvil, and a clamp bar spring steel with 0.8% carbon, which will, ultimately, our knife
how to make jewelry
How to make jewelry
Typical to the profession, the established jeweler, with his characteristic flare, is always coupled with a pocket recovery filings and dust.