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Christophe Nicolas, Smith Cutler :

Christophe Nicolas, Smith Cutler Menton reveals the underside of his passion through a tutorial. It thus shares his love and knowledge for working metal:

les outils du forgeron le foyer de la forge dilater une barre d'acier tailler en pointe l'acier forger le tranchant d'un couteau l'ébauche du couteau ponsage de la lame le traitement thermique du couteau pose de la marque du forgeron trempe sélective dans l'huile montage du manche du couteau le polissage de la lame du couteau couteau brut de forge
The proper tools of the blacksmith :
hammer, anvil, and a clamp bar spring steel with 0.8% carbon, which will, ultimately, our knife.
And here, of course, the necessary and essential "tool" of Smith to know: The Forge Foyer.
The blacksmith cutler begins dilating and stretching the steel bar. It has previously heated to about 900 degrees, which gives the color orange.
The steel bar is stretched to the proper thickness, the blacksmith forge now the end of the bar edge.
The peak shape is obtained, he forges now expanding that becomes the edge of the knife.
The draft of the knife is now complete. You will notice that the tip is not too thin, in order to avoid overheating in the heat.
the finalization of the draft of the knife is made by using the belt sander.
Then the blacksmith subjected to the knife blade heat treatment for grain refining of steel. We heat treat a knife 3 times.
As a jeweler who punches her jewels, the blacksmith cutler raises his knife on his "brand".
Then, selective hardening of the blade (Melt fields) in vegetable oil. Thus the edge of the knife is harder than the back. This held good for cutting and resistance to the efforts and impact.
After two incomes to one hour at about 220 ° which are intended to soften the structure (if the metal is brittle like glass) Work begins assembly: Cut the handle wafer, different materials can be used. Precious woods, Timber region: olive, juniper . Or horn, andouillier deer, deer. We can put brass bolsters, the blacksmith will be riveted and then solder the tin to seal.
Then polish the blade and especially sharp that the blacksmith has previously sharpened.
And here is the finished knife finish raw forging. Since the ignition of the fire of the forge he spent a few hours
Christophe Nicolas is proud to present its very best knives in his new workshop:
Road Fossant 06500 Menton
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