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Jean Pierre Pilloix, Jeweler

Jean Pierre Pilloix, Artisan Jewelry Menton reveals the underside of his work through a tutorial that will perhaps be born of vocations :

established jeweler Jewelry Tool Jewelry design mold Jewelry Lost Wax Jewelry melting Jewelry the repaired Jewelry emerisage jewelry gem polishing crimping stones punch Jewelry vente des bijoux
Institution :
Typical to the profession, the established jeweler, with his characteristic flare, is always coupled with a pocket recovery filings and dust, precious metals and is suspended just below the workbench. It is also called the skin, since leather.
The tools :
The tooling consists of a multitude of clamps, drills, reamers, saws, emery, files of all shapes and tailles.On found a torch that will be used in solder.
The model :
This is the essential part of manufacturing, where the expertise of the jeweler particularly between Thursday assembly, shaping, welding, sculpture . After hours of painstaking work, the first piece, known as model or model is ready to be reproduced as desired by the artisan.
The mold :
Usually rubber, the mold is in two parts, we do, by pressure, an imprint of the model, part of the footprint is hollow and the other in relief.
Casting :
The mold is closed. Through an orifice is then injected hot wax just fill the footprint of the jewel. When cool, wax is a perfect copy of the model.
Melting :
When the Artisan Jewelry has produced a number of wax that suits him, he wants ten rings it will be ten waxes it assembles each rod by casting a cylinder. This kind of cluster of wax is then cast in plaster. Once hardened, the whole is placed in an oven where injection of molten metal (gold, silver, copper, etc .) will replace the wax, hence the name: lost wax casting. This process is well known by dental technicians.
The repaired :
Once cooled, the cluster of fonts is free from its gangue plaster. Jewelry appear in their forms almost final.
Begin finishing operations :
cutting rod casting, émerisage and scraping all sides of the iron Gross. This work is intended to make the base as clean as possible before the final touch: polishing.
Polishing :
For a piece of jewelry is attractive, it needs a bright and perfect finishing. Most of the time is brilliant obtained with the help of a polishing lap, where the gem is rubbed successively rotating brushes more or less hard paste containing special polishing.
The set :
Once the metal, the model jewelery stones will be crimped. Crimping is mounting precious stones on the jewelry provided.
Punching :
Ultimate step before the sale, punching. It is compulsory for all precious metal jewelry (gold, silver, platinum). Each manufacturer with its own stamp his own mark, evidence of its own manufacture. This is called a master of punch
That is, the jewels are now ready to be labeled, placed under glass, and . might be sold to someone who has read a few lines .
The jewelry is on sale at 9 rue St Michel in the workshop-store. Jean Pierre Pilloix will be happy to welcome you
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