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Christophe Nicolas, Forgeron Coutelier:

A piece of steel out of the industry, or ripped off and diverted from its usual way, it model the matter. In its Forge in Menton, it passes fire, hammer, anvil on its finite, and this model that passion and fascination . knives.

He leaves in part to its footprint of the knife blows of hammers, the side "gross forge" contrasting with the polished slices. Last Forgeron Coutelier Menton, it created models that mix genres, the rustic shepherd's knife, the knife Hunter, the carving knife, the knife for hikers .
It handles pare its horn, wood animals, various species of wood, bone, leather. He dresses the blades of leather holsters that manufactures and sews himself.
Based on the past we restistue its version of Celtic knife, knife "jewel" to the round neck in his leather case. It also responds to commands specific goods, such as the surgeon who asks him to build a replica of instruments Surgical seventeenth, or for enthusiasts of sharpening stones of the Napoleonic era. His technique is pure, simple as are his creations.

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Eco-museum association La Forge
Christophe Nicolas
129, rue long
06500 Menton

Photo of work by Christophe Nicolas

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