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Raphaël Navoret, Santonnier Ceramist Art :

Raphael's santon are naive style reminiscent of the beginning of time, are shaped by hand and decorated with gouache.

Fascinated by the Indian old provencal, he made unique pieces whose clothes are painted clay imitation Provencal fabrics. All santons are dressed in fake tissue, which is made of painted clay and worked in such a way that we think, to be mistaken, the real fabric.
Wonderful little world, all these characters you in an old house medieval old town of Menton. And since 2004, Raphael Navoret resumed the tradition of slip (technical manufacturing earthenware fine) decorative Illustrated the late nineteenth century by the great ceramists chin. And like their image, Raphael Navoret made himself his own illustrations slurry to perform with the same passion as its santons.

Galerie photo du travail de Raphael Novaret

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