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Saïd Berkane, Painter Painter and decorator :

Trained at the School of Applied Arts in Nice (France) in ARTDEC painting, Berkane Said to realize sets tailored to your interior.

It creates an atmosphere, seeks to give a convincing representation of reality through its sham, murals, faux faux marble or wood, frescoes, friezes stencil.
It also offers the Tadelakt, this Moroccan offering a sweet and end with undulations due to the work of the roller and giving it large decorative capacity. Thus, you can choose to call him if you want to customize your Inside, the dramatically transform and reversible by paint, make sure it fits you and you.
Carefully, with attention to detail, he likes to experiment with equipment, materials, ideas and have no rules or barriers. It creates according to his desires and the mood of the moment. Self-taught artist, his inspiration seems to guide a realistic work that finds its full development with the topic of the Nu, particularly women. Several exhibitions have enabled him to pursue his work in particular Isle sur la Sorgue, in Pessac (near Bordeaux) at home Frugès Le Corbusier, in Menton, on the occasion of such Fair for Women Nice, at individual and collective exhibitions in Menton and the Country Mentonnais.
You can find, through his paintings "on the fly" and post photos, various themes (landscapes of Provence with his players bowls, his views of the sea and its scenery typical regional landscape in shades of hot oriental and naked women for the most part, where the woman, draped in mystery, veiled, unveiled, whose body dresses shapes and lights surprising, symbolizes gentleness, sensitivity and sensuality.
It offers you the opportunity to offer you a work, unique and original or already completed, or you run to the paint will beautify your home.

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Saïd Berkane
Painter and decorator painter
13 rue de la conception
06500 Menton
Phone : 06 49 40 16 17

Photo of Labor Painter Saïd Berkane
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