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Exhibition Photographer Patrick Varotto Crédit Mutuel de Menton :

The Credit Mutuel of Menton celebrates its 30th anniversary in style. To mark this anniversary, the local bank Crédit Mutuel Mediterranean Menton

elected officials and employees wanted to highlight the architectural and musical events throughout the city the objective of Photographer Patrick Varotto.
The meeting between him and the representatives of Crédit Mutuel de Menton is promising. Patrick knows Varotto Menton. He was born here, he working here.
Photographer in the communications department of the municipality of Menton, this passionate nature, music and sports practice his profession with enthusiasm, generosity and talent.
Several Member Association Photo (Photographic Federation of France and PhotoMenton), it crisscrosses the country Menton, the seasons and various events.
Its equipment, always shoulder, he knows all the angles of his city, Menton. "I'm always looking for the unusual, always ready to seize the moment," says Patrick. And pursuivre: "Meeting in various reports, Gallo and Jean-Marie François Thibault, I was seduced by the values ??of solidarity made by the regional cooperative bank. "
For their part, representatives of the local branch of Menton wanted to celebrate in style 30 years from their bank. The idea of ??a quality exhibition was held. Representative of the architectural heritage and musical events Mentonnaise the City's photographs have attracted Varotto Patrick and win.
This exhibition will showcase over forty original works selected by Mr Varotto. They will be exposed for 2 months - October 2 to December 15, 2012 - within the local credit union located at 24, rue de la République in Menton.
All pictures are exposed for sale. And since good news never comes alone : the money raised by the sale of these photos will be donated to an association that the people of Menton familiar : Hearts of Campanin.

Photo Exhibition by Patrick Varotto
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