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Alain Demarte, Painter Provençal :

Alain Demarte has always been in the visual arts, graphic design advertising.

The chromatic scale he preferred is the warm tones and colors of Provence. Transitions from its hues are delicate but sometimes brutal as can be "his country" : Provence.
The exaltation of his palette and the exuberance of his treatise are echoed almost doctrinaire incentive to define his writing is completed.
There are a lot of emotion in works of this Art's lover, he works his paintings in his gallery workshop in Castillon near Menton.
The painter we also shared the regularity of his writing, the grain of its contours pictorial, the harmonies of its landscapes and vibration of the shadow and light so particular to Provence. All this, brings us to the conclusion that his paintings are evidence of quality.
His gallery, his paintings have a mature size. Alain Demarte is one of those talented artists who need to leave normal field learned to assert themselves and reveal their true artistic expression, free of all constraints.
Provençal painter and lovers of Provence, this one is reflected in his landscapes in his paintings, in his work. It spares us the bleak landscape sad colors and leading nowhere. His gaze blossomed as an artist takes us far ahead, beyond its landscapes. It takes us there, where art is king.

Alain Demarte, Atelier-Galerie "Chevalet de Provence"
Arcades du Serre
06500 Castillon Phone :

You can find Alain Demarte and his Art Provençales Gallery on his website :
Chevalet de Provence